Tuesday, July 01, 2008

2008 Canadian Criterium Silver Medallist

And here's a pic of the podium with my buddy Steph in 3rd! We raced hard and in the end Merryl took us on the uphill drag. Congrats Merryl - if I had to be beat by anyone - I'm glad it was you!

I'm hanging out in Quebec city with my Mum and sister (who arrives on Wednesday) for the next few days...mind you, I'm not all that much fun - I ride, sleep, eat and then waste time until it's socially acceptable to eat again! Today was a day exploring the hotel bed - now that I'm not in a crusty hotel room in Beauce I'm hoping to sleep a little better.

Next race: Saturday for the Nationals RR. It's a good course for me - so I just gotta rest up and get ready to go HAAAARD! Then I'm home for Superweek...it's been a great trip - now I'm looking to cap it off with a BANG!