Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nothing like a little reprieve

So yup - I'm now right up there with the infamously BAD bloggers. I can say this with certainty as my life has changed a good deal since I last blogged.

First off - the biggest change in my life has got to be that I caved and moved across the country to be with Chris. Now I live here:

Okay - so you caught me...I do not live in the Canadian parliament - but I do now live in Ottawa - the Canadian Capital. That having been said, I'm busy wintering in Tucson (because apparently I'm acutally 75), but more on that later.

Chris and I are in the process of becoming real grown ups. We have purchased a house and will be moving in at the end of March - so very exciting. We will also be residents of Quebec - which fits in nicely as I will be racing for Specialized Mazda Samson next year - also a Quebec team!

My introduction to Ottawa was the CRAZY cyclocross series. Things that I learned:
a) Ottawa people (can someone help me out and let me know what people from Ottawa are actually called?) are fervently in love with cyclocross;
b) I am not in love with cyclocross;
c) The courses in this part of the world are more soggy, grassy and involved a good deal of running; and
d) I do not like this type of course. I miss South Surrey and being good at cyclocross.

So once my dreams of that pursuit were quashed I started to look forward to ski season. I got 1 week of skate skiing (on stellar new equipment which was an AWESOME Christmas present from Chris' parents) before heading back to Calgary to prep for the wedding.

Ahhh the wedding. It was awesomely epic. I'm really not sure that a picture can put it into words - in short it was the best day of my life to date. So much fun to dress up all pretty like and have everyone that I love in one place. And to marry such a man as Christopher...I'm a lucky, lucky girl. Okay, that's my sappy girl moment.

Despite my belief that no photo can represent this fantastic day - I needed to gratuitously put in a photo that shows off my dress. Because I am in love with it. Becca's shoe are also pretty fabulous. Becca makes the photo cut because she was a FANTASTIC maid of honour - I don't think I would have made it through the day without her. I am also really lucky to have such a wonderful sister in my life!

If you're iching to see more photos - which I'm sure you are - EVERYONE wants to look at me (HA!) check out our photographer's blog. Rachel is a friend of mine back from when I was a junior cyclist - she is awesome and it was fantastic to see her again - she also happens to be a fabulous photographer. Check it out here.

Which brings me to Tucson where I am trying to desperately rebuild my sad little body from last season's "mishap". So far so good - if nothing else I'm enjoying the sunshine! With all this extra time on my hands - here's to hoping I start being a better blogger... I do enjoy it when exciting things are happening. I might just have to start taking more pictures too...

So that's the update for now! Signing off from, I wish I had some chocolate...