Thursday, February 02, 2006

World Records Falling from the Skies

Well we might not have been able to make it out for the Commonwealth Games, but we managed to make it out to the Commonwealth Games Swimming Trials the other night. Yours for only $38 a head, we were privileged to the wonders of Australian swimming – translation: the fastest national competition in the world. That is, we got to witness it from high up in the bleachers – row W to be exact – as for like all Aussie sports they come out in swarms to bring in the records - and this week was no different. During the week of racing at least 3 world records have fallen here in Melbourne including Leisel Jones’ 200m breaststroke which at 2:20.5 (I believe – and for the record, that’s faster than I ever managed to swim a 200m freestyle…not by much mind you…) she took over a second off her previous world’s best. It was phenomenal to watch as in doing so, Ms. Jones also blew away the rest of the field by over 7 seconds (and yes, one can only presume that the second place person will qualify for the Games and most likely do very well!) and so we’re thinking she most likely wasn’t even tapered – there’s a scary thought for you! So yeah, lots of stars in the pool – we saw the “Thorpedo” give ‘er a go in the 100m freestyle semis (he won the finals the next evening) and Libby Lenton attempt to reset her world record in the 100m freestyle, which she set the previous evening in the semis at 53.42. Unfortunately, she didn’t quite hit the mark – only 53.5 – but it was enough for the win and rather impressive all the same.
That night I went home and dreamt of swimming – it was kinda freaky actually…don’t think my love for the pool will ever die. I just can’t get over how young some of the kids making the finals seem – when you’re in a sport like cycling you forget how young some of the swimmers can be (Leisel Jones attended the Sydney Olympics at the age of 14). A few of the girls in the finals were born in 1992 – that is 11 years younger than me! Which frightening enough makes them 13 or 14 – so yeah, I’m feeling a little better now, that is rather young… But the evening was well worth it (although I would have loved not to have paid – a women walked up to us in the foyer of the pool asking if tonight’s tickets had been free as she had 2 extra she was looking to give away…grrrr!) I can only imagine just how exciting the actual Games are going to be!
Back to cycling…you knew you couldn’t avoid it! I’m off to race in the Vodafone Arena tomorrow night in the Austral Race – which is, for you trivia buffs, the longest running wheel race in Australia. The Vodafone Arena will be the home to the Commonwealth Games in just about 6 weeks – I’m actually pretty stoked to race. And while I’m thinking about it – our roommate Liz will be competing in the sprints and 500m TT – you can check out an article on her here,2106,3557372a6469,00.html – she’s my new STAR! As you can see – the city is starting to anticipate the excitement – plus we’ve hit the final week countdown until the Winter Olympics!!! Oh yeah, and I bought a new saddle today – it was somewhat of a necessity as my last one had completely disintegrated with the top layer peeling off at the tip with much of the foam coming off with it – but the new one is super pretty – it's Specialized and white and grey and pink - what more could I ask?! Alright, I’m going to sign off now as if I get into anymore of the details of my life it’s going to get rather mundane – but I’ll definitely let you know just HOW COOL the Austral is. Toodles (my tribute to Chris…)

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