Saturday, June 09, 2007

Worst Pro Stalker: Part Deux

I very well might be flattering myself in assuming that I might have a readership that follows what I do from year to year - but yesterday I had an experience that reminded me very much of a warm day on the Gold Coast when Chris and I spotted Robbie McEwan. Well yesterday while in the Denver airport (en route to Philly) I was casually walking to my gate when I saw who I thought was Floyd Landis. Going into panic mode (thank goodness I don't live somewhere where I see famous people all that often) and I made like 3 loops around trying to get a good look at him and decided that indeed it was the winner?!? of the tour de France. First thing I do? Text Chris: "Floyd Landis is in the airport - should I go talk to him?" All I needed was a little coaxing, but it turns out he's a super nice guy! I was so impressed at how he handled me approaching him - he even suggested that I try to find him at the race tomorrow when I went to take a picture, but my camera was dead (how cool am I?) - which is also why I don't have a pic with Floyd and I up here on my blog!

So I'm now hanging out at my host house in Philly - only blocks from the Manayunk Wall (what will make tomorrow's race interesting at a grade of 17% - luckily the Race the Ridge wall has helped me to put things in perspective and I think I can handle it). My road rash from last weekend (at provincials - ended up 5th...probably all you need to know - oh yeah and I crashed twice...maybe one day I'll think it was a good story, but for now it's a "learning experience" and I'll try not to make the 3 major mistakes that clouded my finish EVER again!) well it's healing and the legs are feeling good. I'm hoping for some slightly cooler temperatures (the SRM read 37C today on the ride), but everyone else is out there in the same temp, right?

I'm also really looking forward to seeing a few girls who I haven't seen in ages - including my teammate from last year Robin (who was my rock last year) and Genevieve Gagnon who I haven't seen in ages! Bike races are FUN! :P

P.S. Our host house is amazing and aparently when I'm done racing tomorrow, I get to come home to a killer partay...good times! Oh yeah that and they gave me the password to use their wireless - the key to my heart!

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