Friday, January 11, 2008


So here's the thing about giving people your blog address - it means that you should probably update it more than once every five I'm going to have to work on that...

Luckily, life is ramping up for me and I have a bunch of rather exciting life (read: cycling) events going on at the mo'. The top of my list is being on the VANDERKITTEN women's team for 2008. The team has incredible management and the girls are supercool and I am STOKED! So to ease all the questions - no that's not our kit for the season - apparently the kit is going to be even cooler (although they had me at pink plaid), but we're waiting until the team camp for the I'll keep you updated.

Also - completely unrelated (aside from the kitty theme) - aren't my shoes COOL?!? While they are not technically Vanderkitten, they are still unbelievably cool and the fact that they match is a plesant side effect!
Okay - that was my forray into the regular world - back to I'm heading down to LA on Tuesday to compete at my first World Cup on the track! I'm super stoked - it's going to be so much fun! Friday afternoon is the scratch race and, yes, I'm super stoked.
On a side note - a survey I filled out recently had me list my guilty pleasure - at the time all I could come up with is a book and ice cream in bed...but on second thought - it's bumping out on the couch watching some drivvel...much as I am doing right now - watching Degrassi: the Next Generation. I'm not sure why I love the show...but I do. I'm also going to give My So Called Life a shout out as Becca gave me the full series for Christmas and I'm reliving my high school years...Jared Leto and all (he is HOT!)
Here's to a KILLER 2008!


Waterfront Regeneration Trust said...

Hey Jenny, Good Luck in LA!!

Liz Hatch said...

So glad to have you on the team, Jenny!

PEANUT said...

Glad you're a VANDERKITTEN - YIPPEE!!! Best of luck this season!