Friday, February 29, 2008

New Season Resolutions

I'm gonna reach for the stars here. Sure I would really be proud to eat perfectly and lose those pesky pounds, and I would really love to win a few big races - but what am I REALLY aspiring for this season? I'm going to start blogging more regularly. Yup - I am going to be a blog-o-holic! Luckily the bar from 2007 was set rather low...

The last month or so has been wikked. I had a wonderful week down in the Bay Area meeting all my fellow Vanderkittens - and I am pleased to announce that the team is fabulous. In the 8 days we were down there, I don't know if I've laughed so hard in a REALLY long time (good abs training)! And to top it all off - we came, we saw, and we made noise at the first NRC of the season! I finished up with a prime and a 9th place finish, which ain't so bad for the first time out - and it leaves plenty of room for improvement. Liz matched my prime and Leah sprinted to a respectible 14th place for a GC rider - plus we were good and aggressive - it was a BLAST!

But all that excitement sure took it out of me - and so here I am 10 days later FINALLY getting around to my "report". Mind you, in that time I've really enjoyed getting to know my new beautiful BH bike! So much NEW - so EXCITING! And now MJ is across the pond in France and I have no one to obssess about stuff and food - it's hard to make it through so maybe I will use the blog as an outlet... I am in particular love with my saddle. Dude, I said it before and again - the Specialized saddles are 'da bomb! Hot looking and pleasant to spend hours and hours upon - next week is the real test...riding it for 3 hours around the 200m Burnaby track...I'll let you know how it goes - but I have faith - PLUS I managed to get my old Powertap up and running as a track PT - so that should be fun all around...I just need to make sure I don't become preoccupied with watching the wattage and do something unbelievably dumb/dorky.

So I PROMISE I will keep on top of this here blog - if for no other reason than to share the dorky pictures that get taken of me on the bike (although for the first time out, I'm going to stick to the one of me putting the HURT on!)- but at least our kits are the hottest thing going - so that balances my weird faces out!

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