Monday, May 26, 2008

BC Cup win #2!

Yesterday's race ended with me winning the field sprint - only this time I got it right as it was for the WIN...which is WAY more fun than 2nd place :)

My lack of blogging over the last 3 weeks has coincided with a relaxing little break at home - which is rapidly come to an end. On Wednesday I'm heading out east for a 6 week stint that will end with Nationals in Beauce, Quebec. Due to my travels and my dad's exciting summer plans to go to England and Scotland, Dad decided to make the trip out to Vancouver this last weekend to watch me race. I was more than happy to oblige with my second win of the season (and first against a female field) on a flat to rolling course in the south eastern reaches of rural Surrey/Langley. I figure I'm now 2 for 2 for field sprints at the BC Cups I've attended...just gotta make sure that the rest of the race plays more to my advantage ;)

It was fun to race with the girls at home and Marni and Alison respectively represented ValueAct and Aarons on home turf. Dad got a sweet pic of us rolling into the finish where we ended up:
1. Me!
2. Marni Hambleton (ValueAct)
3. Sarah Stewart (Total Restoration)
4. Alison Testeroete (Aarons Pro Cycling)
5. Steph Roorda (Team Giant)

I had a good fun time out in the sun - only real complaint being that the prize money was LAME. I paid $55 (non-late day registration) and for first I only won $125...kinda a brutal return on investment...luckily I'm off down to Tulsa where over three days there is $39,000 in prizes for just the WOMEN - crazy eh? Also if you interested in money - the Banff Stage Race at the end of June is boasting some sick prize moola with $1,400 for the Race win and $400 per stage...too bad I'm out east!

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