Thursday, August 28, 2008

National Challenge Champs

You are checking out the very first Canadian Women's Team Pursuit Champions! Yesterday Steph, Laura and I laid it down to win our first event of Track Nationals over the 3km distance. We qualified in a time of 3:49.3 with a few errors leaving room for improvement in the finals where we rode faster and smoother to take the gold and the snazzy Atac jerseys that you see us sporting above.
For reasons that I do not fully comprehend, our event wasn't a "real" National Championship - regardless of the fact that there were 5 teams in competition AND the event is run at both the World Cup circuit and the World Championships. Regardless, Steph Roorda, Laura Brown and myself are the Canadian National record holders in the event! HA! We caught our opponents in the gold medal final with 1.5 laps to go - it's too bad though, I would have loved to see the time that we were setting down!
It's a good start to the weekend - let's hope I can build from here!
Oh yeah - and for those who are aware that I'm a brutally bad blogger when it comes to consistency - not much has happened over the last few months - I swear...I've actually been at home and catching up on my sleep! Well I guess there was a little bike racing in there too.... ;)