Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Hardcore Aussie!

So what have I learned in the last few weeks (other than the fact that I have a complete obsession with McDonald's or Maccers as they call it in this country, once I leave Canadian borders - it's all together weird, but yes I'm oddly intrigued)...so yes, back to what I've learned, it's that Australians love to abbreviate things and have them end in "y". For instance, my bike becomes a "push bike" down here, but they are referred to as "pushies", we're going up to "Brissie" (Brisbane), we eat dinner on the "barbie" (BBQ) and so on and so forth...good times - sounds kinda funny. Regardless, the last 24 hours have been super hardcore for Chris and I. First of all, we were hanging out in the campsite yesterday morning and this guy starts shooing away an animal from our neighbours rubbish. We're curious - what is it? Well it was a 3 foot lizard, the name of it is kinda like an iguana - but it has a different prefix. Yeah, so there was a 3 foor lizard about 20 feet from me. This guy started throwing rocks at it and even hissed at it while it went away - it was rather bizzarre!
After being mildly alarmed by this, we headed out in the avos (super hardcore sufer dude lingo) and hit the waves. It was incredible! I couldn't believe just how much fun it was - the boards were smaller and the waves bigger than what I have done previously and after 2 hours I was dog tired - it rocked! Good thing I already spend on my money on cycling paraphenalia - or else I might take up surfing! We then headed back to the campsite and were walking up to the store to get beans for our beans and toast dinner when we saw a rather large snake by the side of the road. I took a picture of my first Aussie snake sighting and I'll put it up when we get the chance. It was all ready to pounce - kinda frightening really!
So this morning we headed up to Port MacQuarie which is where I write from at this moment (the camp site has free internet) and we went to a koala hospital this afternoon. They are super adorable, although the number of animals with chlamydhia (I know I spelled that wrong) or "wet bottom" was kinda alarming.
I'm sorry I haven't been calling Mom and Dad - it's a little pricey where we are on the phone cards, but the second I get somewhere where it's reasonable I'll be giving you a shout home in a heartbeat. Love you lots!

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