Sunday, October 02, 2005

Finally in the heat!

So we did manage to leave Melbourne - and there were a few long days in the car that followed. We spent the first night in Yass - we put all speculation on the name and tried it out - but despite our ability to overlook the obvious, Yass was indeed what the name led us to believe. Two crappy meals and a lit up campsite just off the highway sleep later, we were outta there - and happy for it. The second day's obstacle was getting through Sydney - which was lotsa fun, but again we made it and headed up north of Newcastle, only to find that there were limited camping spots as it's spring holidays at the moment. We ended up in a campsite that was a little bizarre to say the least - there weren't any stalls, you just picked a spot of grass (everyone else also picked a spot for their campfire, we figured Smokey the bear wouldn't have been impressed) and apparently some guy came around and collected the fee - we never saw him, and while we are a little concerned about the karma of sleeping in a park on the river with a million other people without paying, it was nice to have a free night's accomodation.
Which brings us up to Seal's Rock - a beautiful beach campsite that until this morning was competely innondated with people as today's a holiday Monday. So we broke out the bikes yesterday and checked out some amazing scenery (the highlight of which was 100m from our site) - the 3.5 hours seemed a little much, but it's all good - we survived. The road down into the site is interesting - a good 4km of gravel road is fun both on the bikes and in the car - the speed limit is about 80km/h - which as Chris put it, is more of a dare than anything else. Evidently those who wrote the limits weren't driving Bernt!
We're just up the coast at the moment waiting to start a surf lesson - it's super hot out and it should be a blast! Can't wait - will try to get pictures soon!

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