Wednesday, September 28, 2005

No more dead rat in the back!

Okay, so it only smelled like a dead rat - but for the record it was actually bad enough that I kept wondering if we might not find something back there. Alas, we did not, but we got rid of the carpet and the molding floor board over top of the gas tank (Chris very handily replaced it - and I put Hawaiian beach mats over top) and now we can actually sit in the back without dying! I'm very proud of us - mind you it does look a little hippy like for my personal liking...
Meaning...the car is finally good to go! And yes, we're still in Melbourne - new plan of attack is to leave here tomorrow - but we're so ready for it now - we have a mobile (I'm not trying to be pretencious, but that's what they call them here), the car is all spiffed up and we managed to do a little sightseeing in Melbourne (other than getting to know local television culture!) I have a picture of Chris in some Ned Kelly head armour that I just can't wait to get up here. Ned Kelly (for those of you who don't know the Australian legend, rent the new movie, it has Orlando Bloom and Heath Ledger's heaven...) was actually hanged in the gaol here - so we checked that out yesterday. Near the end I felt like I had seen enough, but I was happy to have gotten to see it - apparently one of the local universities has classes in one of the old cell blocks...a little creepy if you ask me! We also tried to check out the velodrome in the Vodaphone center, but it was all shut up for the night and when we inquired nextdoor, they weren't sure if it was even up at the moment - but regardless, the set-up they have is pretty cool. There are about 5 arenas all within a block - I can only imagine how cool the Commonwealth Games are going to be. Anyhoo - I'm off for a run (it's been rather cold and on and off raining all day, so we decided to delay the ride until later...I don't know how I'm ever going to be able to come back to Canada!!!) Laters.

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