Friday, September 16, 2005

Tourist in Sydney

September 16, 2005 – I’m in Sydney baby!
Sydney, Australia (Billabong Gardens hostel)

Brought to you by Country Roads Fijian remix…cause it’s still in my head 24/7

So today may not have been the most beautiful day to be a tourist in Sydney – in fact it was pretty awful weather – felt like winter in Vancouver…and let’s be honest, I just don’t have the wardrobe for it to be like that! We started off from the hotel bright at early (think we are still a little jet lagged…oh yeah and everything seems to start early south of the equator) and headed out to find a neat café. We had an amazing breakfast complete with coffee as we were informed that coffee is one of the things they “do” here in Australia and were ready to attack the day! After Chris figured out how to order coffee (an Americano is a tall black – he had to choose between that, a short black and a flat white) we headed on down to see a few tourist attractions including the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, and Darling Harbour.

We then started a search for a used car – a neat little adventure…not sure how much progress we’ve made but we did get our bartering debut in Nadi so I’m sure we’ll kick ass! This evening we’re going off to dinner with Alex and Rob (Chris’ roommate a few years back who moved back to Australia 2 years ago) again – it’s been great to see them and it makes the transition here seem really normal. In fact I have found Sydney to be a very welcoming and easy city to become established in. I’m fairly sure we won’t stay here as everyone we’ve spoken to has mentioned that the riding really isn’t very good, but Sydney really is a metropolitan city as it reminds me of Montreal and a few of the European cities I’ve visited. The strip we’re staying on is THE place for shopping and it’s pretty sweet – too bad I’m not making any cash at the mo’!
Anyways, I should get off the computer and rejoin the “real” world…more specifically it’s dinnertime – so until next time…cheerio mate. (needed to get the cheese factor in!)

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