Tuesday, September 06, 2005

In Transit - it's about to begin!!!

September 6, 2005—Off Off and Away
LAX—in transit

Brought to you by the Backstreet Boys’ Get Down—a trip down memory lane as I start a new life chapter

So the adventure has begun. Mom and Dad started off the morning bright and early seeing Becca off to China—she definitely wins for the more exotic of our trips! :P We were both still influenced under the bliss that was the Backstreet Boys concert last night—fantastic for the record—I love them ALL over again...especially AJ—drug addiction or no! So today’s post comes to you courtesy of the BSB—both old and new (following the fashion of the concert, did I mention that they finished up with Backstreet’s Back...which some of you might remember the wonderful zombie-like dance...yeah baby!) In short, nothing but rave reviews!

So yeah, while I got to sleep in a wee bit (if you can call what I did last night sleep...lots of semi-awake time, luckily I had the boys to serenade me!) and headed off to the airport with Doug mid-morning. Departure from Calgary was relatively uneventful, save the fact that I was rushed right the way through due to some timing miscalculations (I wanted to hang out with my Momma and Daddy!) but here I am in LA—found a plug in...yet to see if I shall be lucky enough to procure wireless internet.

On a similar vein of thought, while flying into LA, it struck me that while the O.C. (or at least the set that keeps me coming back every Thursday….which reminds me that I’m going to miss the beginning of the 3rd season...boo), so yeah while the O.C. is absolutely gorgeous—inner city LA is a whole heck of a lot of concrete...I felt that I should take a picture to illustrate my point: (I've put pictures on my myspace.com site - but I'm having difficulty figuring out how to post them here...)

As for the new blog—I understand that it is a wee bit presumptuous that you think I am exciting enough to track down what I’m doing on a website—but I figure that it’s less invasive than boring emails that you feel mildly bad about not reading (and consequently become irritated by the fact that I even sent it). But I do assume that enough of my friends have boring jobs where they try to kill time and reading this is a good waste of it—so hopefully I can prove to be at least moderately amusing and interesting.
So here I go—off on an exciting adventure—and most importantly, I can’t get ready anymore...cause I’m here! Chris will be joining me in a few hours and then we are on our way to Fiji at 11:30pm—yippee!

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