Monday, September 26, 2005

On the road again....almost

So the money pit is finally roadworthy - doesn't look all that different, or feel all that different, but the charming lads at the stupid car garage have told us that the Falcon is now safe to be on the roads (never mind that 1000km I drove before I paid a million dollars to have the rear door open properly). As a result, our plan is to hit the pavement and start heading back north tomorrow...I feel that we have imposed ourselves on our most gracious guests a little too long now (especially now that Chris has so kindly passed on the death virus to Sandy and myself).
Consequently, the last few days have been full of sleep and cross stitch (I keep surprising Chris, first I helped Hanna with a little knitting now I'm cross stiching...I think he thinks I'm 70!) The footy game was super intense - came down to the final minute - I think we saw an epic match. Unfortunately my adopted team, the Eagles lost by 3 points....booo! But they definately rallied at the end - and footy has my props as an interesting sport...just in case you were concerned! We're now off to the mall to help make Berdt a wee bit prettier (had to pull out the mat in the back because we think something died in it) prior to our travels. So long!

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