Friday, September 23, 2005

Sick for Footy

Based on the 100,000 fans who lined the streets to watch the Aussie rules players parade down the streets of downtown Melbourne yesterday - I think the country might be a little nuts over the game! Lawrence (family friend from Calgary, related to Sandy-super mom) continued in the spirit of great hosting by taking us downtown to his office yesterday to watch the parade. We were able to see everything from the first floor balcony - it was pretty cool. The truly phenomenal thing about the turnout however, is that there isn't even a Melbourne team playing - it's the West Coast Eagles (Perth) and Sydney Swans (both of who's mascots could be mistaken for chickens, but that's not nearly as magestic now is it?) The energy downtown was pretty amazing - I enjoyed it - Chris and I are planning on watching the game today, mind you we figure it'll be a whole lot of confusion - I let you know how it goes. It appears that Sydney has it's very own Todd Bertuzzi on it's hands. Their captain, Barry Hall, apparently hit someone in the last game, but the tribunal has allowed him to compete in the final - this is definatley a front page controversy!
Other than that, Sandy and I seem to have caught Chris' the energy around the house is pretty mellow. There is a great deal of sleeping and TV watching - but I figure it's the first down time I've had since boarding a plane in Calgary over 2 weeks ago - so it's all good :)
Earlier in the week we went to the Healesville Sanctuary which was really great! Kangaroos, wombats, koalas, tasmanian devils...and a thousand devil's school holidays, so we were fighting to see a few of the displays. There are a whole lot of marsupials - and to be honest, after awhile they all kinda blur together into a sea of cuteness - it was great. I also got to pet a kangaroo which was a little foreign (you aren't supposed to touch animals in the zoo!) but super cool.
So Berdt is in the shop getting roadified (I'm trying not to think about how much it's going to cost - but the shop guy seems to have backed off on the number of things he feels he needs to fix) and so we're chillin in the city for the weekend...the Grand Final weekend - I'm going out on a limb here and I'm going to cheer for the Eagles. I figure choosing the team from Perth - they must be the underdogs - and that's a good Canadian thing to do...
Oh right and I feel that it is my duty to inform those OC fans out there that Caleb Nicol used to be on Neighbours here in the land of Oz - weird eh?
Later folks!

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