Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Ford Falcon

Well it appears as if our short sojour in Sydney might be nearing an end...we made a purchase today - an '87 Ford Falcon - it's rather ugly, but it has a whole lot of room in the back and a dent from a kangaroo (that's right, for those of us in North America, I actually think it's a selling point) in the front. The guy we bought it from is heading home really quite soon and I feel that we might have taken him a little. He bought it 4 months ago for $2300, and we are taking it off his hands for $700...mind you, it's most definately a beater...I'm just crossing my fingers hoping that we didn't get taken for a ride. However, as a result, we have had a change of plans and are heading down to Melbourne, Victoria tomorrow - I can't wait to get out of a hostel. It's been fun, but I'm looking forward to roughing it a little more at a campsite and having a little more freedom. Not to mention, I really can't to start the physical activity up again, I'm feeling a little less than charming - mind you, Chris has caught a bit of a bug, so I am doing better than he is.
But we've been troopers with the sightseeing. Yesterday Alex very wonderfully volunteered her day and took us around - Bondi Beach, the Gap, a massive mall with 5 cell phone dealers on the floor we saw and Paddington Market...oh right and Campos coffee - which is supposed to be the best coffee in Sydney....Well I can tell you this much - I was shaking by the time I left the cafe from my cappucino - so it was good times all around.
Anyways, I'm not sure how much internet we'll have in the near future so I'll sign off - but I'll keep you as informed as I can!
Jen :)


Anonymous said...

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Sandra said...

JT -- Sweet blog! I love how we both made ours for the same reason: to help our mothers keep track of us. So good.

dad said...

Jen - Just for the record, your dad had a Ford Falcon once too, only I think it was a 1968 or so. Maroon. Worked ok. Traded it in for a Renault... mistake!

Jspar said...

Can Chris drive again??!?!!? I can imagine the road rage!