Thursday, December 29, 2005

SOOO cold!

Okay, so it's only Australia cold, but really, what’s going on? I think I’m having flashbacks to Nationals in ’99 – it’s supposed to be summer…but it’s cold! But it’s not racing so the show must go on. Another night and more racing – and I’m improving slowly but surely. My lightning wheel race (1000m) heat went really well. I caught the girls on the mark ahead of me (I started on the 25m) and then we quickly caught the girls ahead. Honestly, it could not have gone better – so I finished 3rd in the heat behind Jessica Berry and Belinda Goss so on through to the final. The final was less successful. There was a group of 7 girls from the back markers – but for whatever reason, the other girls didn’t really want to work. I ended up taking 2 pulls in 500m – so I did my part, but we aren’t going to catch the frontrunners if the fast girls aren’t willing to work. I was however, much happier with the state of affairs this evening. Right now might be the time to point out that we were talking to a new buddy of ours who said he has won 4 or 5 of the wheel races. However, in order to do this, each time he had to pay off at least 6 people in order to do it – so yes, it’s a bit of a gong show to say the least!My second, and only other race (which has proved to be a point of contention with all the female riders – we have an international caliber field, but as it the case so many times in women’s cycling we are not given the respect in terms of number of races and prize money that we deserve) so yeah, second race was a 4km scratch race. It was fast (again!), but I felt that it was my best race to date. It was a little sketch – I absolutely love that I have to turn my bike – that’s not normal – the banking usually helps you out a little more. But I made it to the end – unfortunately though I was shuffled to the back in the closing laps and didn’t get a good position going into the sprint. That having been said I moved up through the field during the sprint AND we dropped people that weren’t me! I was pretty stoked – still haven’t got my podium though!

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Anonymous said...

A good new Years Eve to you both.

Unbelieveably, it is after 9'o'clock in the morning and Kieran is still asleep; it must be all the time he is spending around Uncle Andrew. Or alternatively beig the cenre of attention for a week is just plain tiring. Opps - ust heard a peep.

This morning's breakfast is pancakes made in dinosaur shapes- bring back old memories Chris?

Maturally the one day when Melanie and Jamie will be travelling to London to spend News Years' Eve with their freinds in London Ontario, the weather has turned nasty , with blowing snow. Dad and I are joining Chris and Liz at Manhattan Music Club, as Jason Wilson and his band are going to be there. Andrew is off to join the Brock girls for an evening of dancing. I guess that means the Grand Parents will get to sleep in tommorrow!

There were many surprises under the tree, including a lovely Kanagaanak print of an owl. Andrew made me a collage of pictures of his adventures, ( edited for the parental unit I ma sure) to make up for the fact that he was excluded from the fmaily collagfe last year.

Our main activity has beeing eating- and oh yes cooking. I now know why there is so much food left over- boy just cant make up for Chris' absence.

It sound s like Jenny is getting the racing feeling back, how are things going for you Chris? Where are you off to now.

Miss you both and hope you have a great New Year's Eve.

Love Mom