Monday, March 10, 2008

Ahhh, if only I were insightful

The days when I am looking to procrastinate (much like today...) I spend WAY too much time surfing the net. Actually that is likely a true statement without any qualifications - I get up in the morning and check my email, Pedal, Cyclingnews, Canadian Cyclist, The Weather Network, and when I'm feeling intelligent, Then I trundle into work and turn on the computer - where I intermittantly check those same websites throughout my 5-9 hour tenure (depending on my training load and my ability to stay focused on the task at hand...) When I really don't feel like doing anything I start checking out people's blogs. In all honestly, it's a pretty scary world the internet - you can learn a good deal about people you've never met.

All this being said, the number one thing that strikes me when I read other people's posts is - I'm boring. I can give race reports most weekends and beyond that...well...I could give tax tips? Although I'm fairly sure that would scare off anyone who wastes their time checking out what I have to say.... That, and I never have poignant, insightful rants. I guess some people have it - and well, I don't. Not to say that I don't have strong opinions (which I do), that I am more than willing to share (which I will!), but I just don't see myself sitting down to record my whitty banter.

So now that I've shared my inadequacies - this last weekend was the first full weekend of Spring Series. The best news of the weekend: Armstrong is over! It's a good's actually hill repeats that someone decided to disguise as a race - maybe I'll like it more when I remove half my torso to lose 25lbs - until then...I'm stoked that it's over - and that I survived - and that I rode quite well! YIPPPEEEE. Props to Kika Pendrel who stayed with the front group of the Bs!

In all honesty - the day before was more my cup of tea with the roller Zero Ave course. In the end I was 4th in the sprint which is better than a kick in the pants. I came around the final corner (about 300m from the line) too early in the group and had to lead it out up a 3% rise from 250m. I gave it, but was punked at 50m and 10m to go by the rounding out of the podium - but I guess I'll live ;) On to next weekend of Snake Hill...because Armstrong's not hard enough!

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