Thursday, March 27, 2008


Yay - I made it!

Now I have less than a week before I conquer my race nemisis - the REDLANDS CLASSIC.

Mind you, this time I am WAY more prepared, but I'm still a little frightened and I'm readying myself to battle my demons from two years ago when I was time cut on the 5km "Stage 1". Good times!

In the last week I've made important discoveries - like - since I purchased my car last June, I have ridden more kms than I have driven. So the next time I'm trying desperately to "integrated with regular society" and someone asks how much I ride - I can tell them that in a year I ride more than I drive...and I drive enough to own a 2007 Versa.

The real question at this point is whether it costs more to fuel my car at $1.20/litre or to provide me with food...

That gave me a something to ponder while training with a great group of Junior+ athletes (the official age was U20) put together by Jeremy, last week. It was a fun to train with a different group and it was good motivation for the end of a build. The boys were entertained by my Driven shifters - I love it! It's so much fun to have a product that people aren't used to seeing - it gets lots of attention. Plus I like that I can shift down with my pinky finger when I'm on the hoods!

I'm chilling out this morning as part of my "makeshift" weekend as I am usually more busy on Saturday and Sunday with my "real job - ie bikin'" and so every now and then I need to relax during the week. Going to head out later this am (it's supposed to rain this aft, so I better get out before that!) for some power intervals. Yeee haw!

Here's to the start of 2008 - GO VANDERKITTEN!

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