Saturday, April 12, 2008

Jenny 1, Redlands 1

K, so I'm lame and I'm TOTALLY reusing team camp pictures (pirated from MJ's Facebook) but I wanted a picture - it makes the blog more exciting :P

But onto last weekend - I won't lie - it wasn't pretty folks - but I did come out on top of the Redlands Classic this time! Three stages (plus the prologue) and I got a with all the sprinters at the bottom of the list - but no DNF - and I'm holding on to that!

On the upside I now have a killer set of wheels on my BH courtesy of Spinergy. They are HAWT - nice white spokes and all - I'm liking. And for another shameless plug - my Specialized helmet. Chris has noted that he can see my entire head through the helmet - but it's the comfiest thing I have ever had on my head - partially because it's nice and light and ACTUALLY FITS my head. Neat concept I know - but it does!!!

Now I'm chillin and getting ready to defend my title at Harris Roubaix tomorrow morning. I'm up against a tough contingent of my old team :( the Giant girls and the other strong women of BC cycling - notably Sarah Stewart and her Total Restauration team and the Trek team AND a great number of other girls whom I'm sure will make things rather difficult for me tomorrow. But I've had a lovely dinner of spaghetti and homemade pesto (made by yours truly and I'm quite positive I will never be able to have store bought pesto ever again!). Should be a good one.

And for now I'm off to bed - hoping that my legs recover that little bit more from the evil hills of southern California by tomorrow's race!

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